Hello everyone,

Sadly I need to let you guys know that this forum has closed. This is a PERMANENT decision.

According to the hosting company the website crashed because it ran out of space while backing up the files. We had a back up to restore it to an earlier date so I thought we could fix it. I bought more storage to make sure we would not run out of space again, but the stupid employee did not do the upgrade I paid for and when the daily back up happened it did not go though due to lack of space. The problem is that according to support the incomplete back up replaced the older back up, leaving us without a back up. There was a back up from about a year ago that I had in my old computer, I can’t find it now, the issue is that even if I had i it would take a long time to restore everything. I simply do not have the time and energy to do all this. This week I spent like 40 hours with this and it’s taking my health away. Every week something new happens and this is becoming a part time job more than a hobby.

I want to thank everyone for the loyalty, and especially to the mods for all the work done but i deserve a break from this. I apologize if i let people down but the forum has reached its end. Thanks everyone and good luck.


Losing this forum was really sad but I did not have many options. I can’t keep spending time and jeopardizing other things. Thanks San Francisco Web Design for help during this time. Again, this place was like home but decisions are part of life and this was one of them.

The forum is

temporarily moving to



I filled a complaint against Bluehost at the Better Business Bureau (Click Image)


 Initially, customer support said the site was hacked. It was not. The site simply run out of storage despite the fact that I bought more storage.


And there is more from these idiots…see the databases within our hosting company…It’s all gone!


I want to thank everyone for this wonderful experience. During the last 3 years and half this place allowed us to make friends while talking about Manchester United. Unluckily, for known reasons this is becoming unhealthy and it’s time to move on. Big thanks to Tiborg, Jie, Danny, John and Gabe for working hard during all these years for us to have this website. Also thanks to everyone for the loyalty and for your participation. Everyone added a little bit to make this a successful website.